Ministry Beyond the Details

“We were so incredibly blessed by our seven-month stay at Providence Mission Homes. Our kids loved the playground and all the friends they made. We so appreciated the freedom to be able to let our kids play outside, since all of the parents looked out for each other’s children. It was so great for our kids to be able to relate to others who shared similar experiences. The interesting thing was that my two-year-old related best to our Korean neighbors. They lived below us and spoke no English, but afforded him a much smoother transition back to Indonesia. We were so grateful for all the furnishings, from a can-opener to linens and a microwave oven. What a blessing! We wanted to say, THANK YOU! I know that the ministry aspect of it can probably sometimes get lost when so much time is taken up in the details and responsibility of keeping PMH going. We pray God’s blessing on you as you continue to be a source of blessing for those reaching the nations.” – Doug and Laura

Home for Cancer Treatment

“I discovered that I had cancer, and my husband, Ed, and I had to come home to the U.S. so I could get treatment. Since two of our three children lived in the Los Angeles area, we decided to go to Pasadena. The question of where to live temporarily was a big problem. Providence Mission Homes heard about our dilemma and provided a wonderful two-bedroom apartment for us. Ed was able to have an office in the home, using it to revise the Calamian Tagbanwa New Testament. We feel that the Lord has greatly used Providence Mission Homes to help in our ministry while we were dealing with health issues. We are very thankful to Him that there was such a place to go to in our time of need.”  – Jacki


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