Life at PMH

We have wonderful church partners! Thanks to a local Korean church, our residents enjoyed authentic Korean BBQ. Thank you!

We have upgraded more than half of our 47 units and are constantly working to upgrade even more!

It never rains in California…it pours. Our clogged gutters didn’t have quite the devastating effects as in Montecito, but they had to be cleaned out before any more rain comes. Our managers are quite versatile, don’t you think?

We have a ton of toddlers this year. These are especially fine actors!

Christmas Plays are always a delight!

A manager’s love for her young tenants is unlimited!

Each site comes with a play area, but the kids have their own ideas of where to play!

At both sites, we sometimes have potlucks that end up with our whole community singing together! At the Mentor apartment places, we often have community gatherings as shown in the pictures.

Who can resist an Easter egg hunt? There are always children at both of our sites.