Providence Mission Homes provides fully furnished 2- or 3- bedroom apartment units in Pasadena, California.  Rents are far below market rates, but are strictly for use by individuals actively involved in work in other countries.  We welcome applicants who are in the area for a short period of time and who will be returning to assignments overseas.  Each unit has basic furniture, blankets, sheets, towels, toasters, coffee makers and bookshelves.  Extra amenities, such as a television or stereo, are not provided.  Our goal is to enhance your work overseas by providing fully furnished turn-key apartments upon your arrival.  In addition, we seek to provide a nurturing community environment in which individuals and families can rest and relax after extensive and often tiring terms overseas.

Other Benefits:

  • Off-street parking
  • Children’s play yard
  • Air conditioning
  • Flexible furnishing to accommodate students with desks
    and bookshelves, or families with toddlers and infants
  • Walking distance to Frontier Ventures, Fuller Seminary,
    numerous libraries, local schools and supermarkets.
  • Easy access to public transportation and facilities.